brave new world

Basically what happened is that in 1913 this country instituted criminal banking fraud.

Some believe it happened through secret societies.

Once they had the power, they used their endless

supply of interest money

to buy both sides of the political spectrum.

Whereas the public sees two or three parties,

there is really only one hidden power that controls things behind the scenes.

They have usurped your vote.

Doesn't really matter who you vote for

if they control the politicians on all sides of the fence.

They've used their money to buy a controlling interest

in the stock of the major media companies to fuel their propaganda machine.

And since 1913 they've also gone after and attained control of the schooling system,

the medical community, the scientific community, the military, the law, the courts,

the entertainment community, and have been busy trying to slowly rewrite history

to further their agenda. Did you know any of this?

Probably not, unless you've kept your eyes open

because knowledge has been controlled and knowledge is power.

Most likely you've only known what they've wanted you to know,

unless you've purposely sought out this information all on your own.

Stop watching TV, and start thinking for yourself.

He who controls the money supply controls that nation.

If you're in the center of things and control when the market expands or contracts

then you know ahead of time what to do financially.

The money is there for the taking.

Take control of the money system,

buy out the politicians on both sides of the political fence,

buy a controlling interest in the stock of the media companies,

change the laws of the land to escape justice,

control the schools and keep the populace dumb.

The definition of communism is:

A system in which political and economic power is concentrated in one party or ruling class.

In America that ruling class is the Federal Reserve and those that control it.

Democracy in America is an illusion, one that is perpetuated with mass genocide.

Now that we have a world central banking system and an IMF there is no such animal as democracy.

In reality it is a world communist state, a New World Order.

You are literally paying people with your taxes to steal from you

and use the stolen money to sponsor wars which then kill your children.

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