wake up

the sludge report

sumerian artifacts

the mars connection

the sumerians

lost secrets of the sacred ark

the mark of the beast

apparently hillary clinton has already been selected

as the next "president" of the united states corporation

she'll be the "antichrist" forcing everyone to receive the mark

"the gods" created homo sapiens to be their slaves/golddiggers

they created royal/blue bloodlines to rule their slaves

through a pyramidal hierarchy of secret societies

hostile takeover

the "united states" is a private corporation

which is selling off the rest of this republic

transferring wealth and rights from people to corporations

creating a borderless north american police state

where they have total control over the masses

wake up

curing currents


what is kabbalah?

kill your ego

choose light


impeach the scoundrels

most americans want to see their misleaders impeached.

they want the evil to end now, but it keeps growing darker,

and soon it will attack again to scare us into submission.

never submit your mind or body to the control of outside forces.

when they declare martial law, the people must rise as one

and declare SHENANIGANS!!!