How do you know when your own life verges on decadence?
Certainly when the force of form becomes more important than the force of substance.
When etiquette and morals become more important than understanding and righteousness.
When procedure becomes more important than creativity.
When gratifying your lust becomes more important than giving to others

When patriotism becomes more important than measured governing and enlightened treatment of other nations.
When the act of eating becomes more important than considerations of nutrition.
When the opera becomes more important than helping the poor and homeless.
When one's own comfort becomes more important than the suffering of loved ones.
When ambition becomes more important than benevolence

When prestige becomes more important than charity.
When the academy becomes more important than the streets.
When loud expression becomes more important than listening to others.
When outrageousness becomes more important than communication.
When connoisseurship becomes more important than simple acts

When style becomes more important than function.
When books become more important than teachers.
When expediency becomes more important than the elderly.
When you smell these things happening,
you are not far from decadence

meet the rothschilds

our reptilian rulers (part 1-12)

"If you want to worship somebody, worship the God within you.

That's it. Worship no one else.

And if you're going to have a tyrant in your life,

let it be that part of you that's critical of you.

Let that be your only tyrant.

Don't give anybody else any power outside of your physical form

to be a tyrant, to control you, to manipulate you in any way.

Be yourself. Because if you are yourself you're a part of God,

and that part of you knows what to do.

It knows the right way to live. "

the cure for republican memory loss

special comment on betrayal

problem -> reaction -> solution

evil elements within governments have manufactured terrorist attacks on their own citizens throughout history and blamed it on others as pretext for war and increased control

they create the problem, anticipating public reaction, then offer their "solution" that has been waiting patiently all along

the 911 attacks were set up by neocons to scare the american people into accepting the war on terror, the loss of their civil liberities, etc

the 7/7 attacks in london were set up by british secret service to do the same to the british people

and the bali attacks in indonesia were also set up to scare the australian people into relinquishing their rights and freedoms

in much the same way, israeli secret service created hamas so serve as pretext for perpetual war, occupation, and settlement in palestine

slowly but surely, they are working behind our backs to enslave our entire planet

it is happening now. we could actually witness a world dictatorship within 5 years

how money is created (part 1-5)

monopoly men (part 1-5)

comey don't play that

join the revolution

simpsons against the machine


Don’t be inhibited. If you hold back
from achieving your heart’s desires,
you will become bitter and frustrated.
If you hold back from expressing yourself,
your creativity will stagnate.
If you hold back from taking action,
you will become impotent with timidity.
Don’t stop anything.
Let your uniqueness flow freely

In the beginning, one must adhere to a structure
-artificial though it may be- until one attains that
proper understanding to behave with uninhibited spontaneity.
If people attempt to be uninhibited without actually being uninhibited,
then they only look like crass clowns.
Thus one must spend a certain amount of time
studying structure until there is no need for structure

By that time, one will have thoroughly absorbed
the secret of moderation and one will be able to act
with correctness and spontaneity.
True, uninhibitedness must come
as a by-product of sure, fresh, and creative actions

don't be evil's servant

formidable opponent

see the forest and the trees

a task without a vision is just a dream

a vision without a task is just work

a vision with a task can change the world