my high's

from tues. feb.21 2006


my high's

from thurs. feb.16 2006


ditch dick

leakhead is making a killing

why vote for a dangerous psycopathic chickenhawk when you can vote for good people who have served their country???

he's too invincible, too much power. here's letterman's take

i wonder what they're hiding? he does have 2 DWIs

drive-thru hunting with your buddy and 2 women who aren't your wives sounds moral to me.

if you don't vote these bastards out of power they will always have time to rewrite history

scientific proof that cheney's shooting story is a lie

casey boy


my high's

from thurs. feb.9 2006


my high's

from tuesday feb.7 2006


russ feingold for president

fighting back , calling out king george

so that our society does not become even more militaristic (ie. less educated, less healthy, etc)

and start more war (hoax)

and he doesn't have problems speaking.

the amicable-dunce act, unfortunately, is genuine.

heaven is like a wmd: 100% certainty that it exists, 0% certainty where it is.

i'm sure there's someone like me in iraq now trying to be peaceful but people keep dropping bombs.

where does all that money go anyway?

my high's

from thursday feb.2 2006