new rules

New Rule

Liberals must stop saying President Bush hasn’t asked us to sacrifice for the war on terror.
On the contrary, he’s asked us to sacrifice something enormous:

our civil rights

This administration has read your phone records, credit card statements, mail, internet logs,
I can’t tell if they’re fighting a war on terror or producing the next season of Cheaters.
I mail myself a copy of the constitution every morning just on the hope they’ll open it and see what it says

So when it comes to sacrifice, don’t kid yourself, you have given up a lot:

You’ve given up faith in your government’s honesty,
the goodwill of people overseas,
and six-tenths of the bill of rights

Here’s what you’ve sacrificed:

-Search and seizure
-Trial by jury
-Cruel and unusual punishment

Here’s what you have left:


George Bush has never been too bright about understanding foreigners,
but he does know Americans.
He asked this generation to sacrifice the things he knew we would not miss:
our privacy and our morality

He let us keep the money
but he made a cynical bet that we wouldn't much care
if we became a big brother country
that has now tortured a lot of random people

And yet no one asks the tough questions
like is torture necessary?
who will watch the watchers?

In conclusion, after 911 President Bush told us
Osama bin Laden could run but he couldn't hide,
but then he ran and hid, so Bush went to plan B:
pissing on the constitution and torturing random people

Conservatives always say the great thing Reagan did
was make us feel good about America again.
Well, do you feel good about America now?

I'll give you my answer, and to get it out of me
you don't even have to hold my head underwater
and have a snarling guard dog rip my nuts off

No, I don't feel very good about that.
They say evil happens when good men do nothing,
well the Democrats prove it also happens when mediocre people do nothing

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