Six fired U.S. attorneys testified on Capitol Hill yesterday
that they had separately been the target of complaints,
improper telephone calls and thinly veiled threats
from a high-ranking Justice Department official or members of Congress,
both before and after they were abruptly removed from their jobs.

when you become president

and put your lawyer in charge of justice,

don't be surprised that people get upset

go home gonzo, go home


scientist said...

is he wearing the flag on his cufflings too? omfg :) lol

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

i didnt understand the significance of the little picture of the guy wearing a hood/cape-dress thing in regards to g's work?

scientist said...

he gave bush legal cover to torture prisoners

Anonymous said...

Hey Scientist,
check out this link on Fox News. It really exposes them. Lots of images. http://noquarter.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/03/fox_news_crazy_.html

Hope you don't like Fox too much, otherwise don't read the link.


Anonymous said...

It didn't express the whole link, which is:


scientist said...

i was gonna post something on fox when they pulled out of the nevada debate, then i got distracted :)

its cool to see all those screenshots together. there's no accountability for what they write on the screen, and you can tell they do it on purpose to confuse people

also, their new half hour news hour is the most retarded crap ive ever seen :) lol

Anonymous said...

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