rampant rightwing hypocrisy rages on

this is ted haggard, a major evangelical christian leader.....

haggard is a good family man, close to bush, and busy running the entire evangelical christian movement, actively pushing anti-gay legislation in Colorado and across the country

haggard is also a homo who fantasizes about having orgies with 6 college boys and buys crystal meth from male prostitutes

watch him telling all the little ones at jesus camp that "We don’t have to debate about what we should think about homosexual activity, it’s written in the Bible.”

what the fuck is wrong with these people???

then there's congressman tim murphy (R-PA)

a reporter shows him evidence that he broke the law, and he just takes it and keeps it

you have to be careful though

these evil bastards can be sneaky

in cali, a front company for big oil and big tobacco sends out "Voter Information Guides for Democrats", making sure to recommend that democrats vote against propositions that would increase penalties for violent sex offenders, fund children's health care with tax on cigs, and tax on oil companies to fund alternative energy research

there are so many GOP scandals right now it's ridiculous

no wonder the rich are getting much richer, much faster than everyone else

so sad that the party in charge of moral values has none

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