happy Vday from dr.evil

i scooter libby:

roses are red

violets are blue,

if i go to jail

you're gonna go too.

harry whittington:

remember when you shot me in the face

well down here in texas, when i go anyplace

they say there goes the guy dick cheney shot in the face.

wolf blitzer:

it's true i crossed the line

but let's save the drama for the thespians,

your daughter had a baby

and that baby will be raised by queers.


Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

couldnt watch the vid cuz the uni connection is slower than roadkill.

but wow....what are your christmas greetings like lol

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

lovely.... touched my heart...

u americans are weird :P

scientist said...

i'm canadian eh?

lol :)

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

m'eh. american-through-association texas boy ;)

scientist said...


my brothers name is a-t-a

not much i like about texas :)

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

coincidence...? or am i psychic?
wha ha ha
mmhmmm :-}
geez... my blog is so silent... are you intimidated by naked-john?