death after life

personally i don't care what happens after i die

and i'm not going to waste my life preparing for it

i don't understand where it is that people want to go?

i don't see anywhere remotely close that could sustain life

life is a brief and fragile existence on earth itself

for argument's sake, let say we all go somewhere

if you go somewhere with lots of people, who's in charge?

are millions of people controlled by an invisible force like the god we know and love?

or does god have a body?

if he does, then there must also be hundreds of thousands of beings appointed by god to control everyone

so that people don't take advantage of the system

people are inherently self-centered,

and any system is corruptible and prone to manipulation

so what's going to stop people from being greedy in heaven?

do they know any different if they were selfish and greedy their entire lives on earth?

so why waste time now wondering and worrying?

enjoy life here on earth, the life you know you get

and if you get another one, figure out the sytem and you're golden

and i know you're all smart enough to do that :)

now i know what you're saying

i shouldn't bother thinking about heaven because i'm going somewhere else

i have the same issues with hell

i guess it's somewhere underground?

how do you get there?

and if you did get there, do you have a body?

if i went somewhere and i had a body that was essentially fire resistant

i might be somewhat stoked

i love watching flames flicker

if there are millions of people in hell

there is the same likelihood that the system will be corrupt

even more likely, with all the evil living there

so why waste time worrying about it now

enjoy this life, and figure the next one out when you have to

i bet it will take less than one day to get up to speed

i wonder what heaven might look like?

i'm sorry

i just can't imagine heaven being more beautiful than earth

when i die

i will be content to reflect on all the beauty i experienced during my life


Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

I just like the question... it gives me the tingles :P

scientist said...

its fun :)

i do feel sorry for people who deprive themselves of enjoyment based on some random person's answer to the question

like john ashcroft's church doesn't allow him to dance

i know he can sing, i want to see him dance lol :)

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

eek..that would be some stiff dancing lol

i know what you mean, but we can't all be hedonists ;)

scientist said...

you're right

i'm not sure what % of people are hedonists

i would guess 5-10 maybe

i can't imagine there are that many hedonists in third world countries, or maybe i'm wrong, i dunno :)

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

you're lucky i care about ur sensitive retinas mista

scientist said...

thanks, i prefer things that are easy on the eyes, so that my hedonistic eyes can enjoy the beauty of life to its fullest lol :)

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

he he... see, you are cheeky lol

scientist said...

then why don't i feel cheeky? :)

somehow i think only british people can be cheeky

there must be a better word lol

Corinne ( Kur~rin) said...

smart ass :D

scientist said...

i think you mean cheeky smartassfinkter :) lol