We stand alone in this life.
No one lives our life for us.
Neither drug nor sorcery can remove us,
even for a moment, from our own life.
We can deny it, but it is useless:
We are here alone,
to engage every precious moment according to our wills

The precendents of the ancients may be helpful,
but in the end they are only references.
The thought of those who will follow after us
is likewise merely a consideration.
What matters is being, pure being.
Accept who you are.
Be who you are

If there are gods in the heavens, maybe they know the future.
As a human being, I can only say that the future is yet to be made.
Let us go forth and make it,
but let us make it as beautifully as we can.
The degree of elegance is determined by our will
and the perfection of our own personalities.
Therefore, do not sigh over misfortune or adversity.
Whether you are happy or sad is entirely up to you

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