finding utopia

they who tell us to endure the harsh realities of this world

so that we may live forever in utopia

know something we don't:

earth is utopia

that's why it was chosen

that's why everyone is fighting to control it

i'm sure other planets are beautiful in their own right

but i doubt many offer the range of dynamic life phenomena found on earth

don't fear death

life is an energy force, indivisible and infinite,

that becomes aware of it's surroundings by sensing vibration,

and responds to these senses by inducing vibration.

building love and awareness will amplify your vibrations

resulting in happiness for you and those around you

when your vessel stops working, stops vibrating,

the energy force, the real you, finds another vessel.

immortality through infinite experiences.

don't waste precious time preparing for utopia,

create your vision of utopia here on earth.

worship none but yourself.

the love you withhold

is the pain you carry

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